Eternal SailormoonWelcome to Saint Sailormoon! Bishoujo Senshi SSM is a fanfic I wrote, greatly inspired by the plot of Janelle Jimenez's Sailormoon Neo(*), and by just buying all eighteen tankubon of Sailormoon. This is why I decided to base it on the manga, not on the anime. Basically, it all began in Crystal Tokyo, where Sailorpluto alerts Chibi Usa (Now called Usa, since she is no longer Chibi at all) that Chaos has re-groupped as a spiritual entity. So, to fight it, Neo Queen Serenity gives her Eternal Sailormoon Brooche to Usa, who joines it with her own locket, forming Eternal Sailormoon, formerly known as Chibimoon. Now, the 'retired' senshi have passed on their powers, and they are ready to fight evil as one!

Bishojo Senshi Saint Sera Mun

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Part one - Tsuki ni kawa te...

One - The Power of Chaos! Sailormoon's Power Transfer!

Two - Chaos Reborn!  Sailors Pi and Alpha attack!

Three - The Mars Phoenix! The Trouble with V...

Four - Apollo and the Book of the sailor Senshi