Saint Sailormoon
By Pegasus / Daniel
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Episode 4 - Apollo and the book of the SailorSenshi.

Both SailorVenus and her... er... partner Sailor V went through backwards henshin sequences. Two blonde girls stood before them, one with green eyes and long hair (Sailor V), and the next with medium hair, and blue eyes (Duh, SailorVenus).

"I know you! You're Aino Miyu, Mina-chan's daughter!" said Moon, pointing to SailorVenus, who nodded. Usa had never expected her to be a Sailorsenshi, she was so... quiet... and lonely. "But... who are you?" she asked, referring to Sailor V.

"I know her," said Mercury solemnly. "She is that baka girl from our school... whatsherface... Oh, yeah... No, no... Ah, I remember," she continued, puzzled. "You are Tenchi, the local retard."

Tenchi smiled, then giggled.

"I suppose that means yes... But how did Sailor V get mixed up in this?" wondered Usa, de-transformed. With that, a ghostly shape formed above them. It slowly became a projection of Minako. "Hi, Mina-chan!" greeted Usa.

"Hello Usa. I have projected my physical self into this gohan field to explain the fact that there are two... er... V's. As you probably know, we were warned by Luna to pass on our senshi powers. Artemis, however, told me that I had to pass on all my powers, both as SailorVenus and Sailor V.

"I received my powers slowly. But Artemis warned me that, if I passed on all of my powers to one girl at once, she would be overwhelmed, and might turn to evil, or tyranny. I could, yes, pass on my powers slowly. But this was an extremely urgent matter. Chaos cannot be kept together for long, or Helios will die."

Usa gasped.

"I know...." continued Minako. "So you see, I had to split my powers. And, unfortunately, this idiot girl seems to be the new V generation..." Minako sighed. "Oh, well, I guess I was kind of like her, but... forget it. Sayonara, ChibiUsa... and may luck be with you..." Minako faded away.

Shizuka laughed. "ChibiUsa... haaaaahahahah!", and Usa bonked her head with a rock (aka extremely blunt object).

"Forget her. But who are Aino Miyu and Hino Shizuka?" asked Suteko.

"Shizuka is the daughter of the Ambassador of Mars, Rei-cha... er... Hino Rei. She's also my classmate, and friend." Usa waited 'till Miyu was farther away, tending to Shizuka's wound. "And Miyu," she whispered, "is Aino Minako's daughter. She's extremely lonely, and silent. But seems like a very nice person, although lonely."

Suteko nodded.

"Everybody, I am Usagi Small Lady Serenity Tsukino Chiba, and this is Suteko Mizunoryu," shouted Usa. Suteko bowed sligthyl, grinning. She took out three more stars from somewhere (gimme a break, don't ask where), and handed one to Mars, and one to each of the Vees.

"These are your comminucators. Touch the corresponding sign to speak to each of us, or the red button to speak to us all. But then I'd get a big headache, since I still have eight more with me, so your voices will be eight times louder. Which basically means, don't touch the red button."

Miyu nodded, and leaped away. Tenchi leaped in a different direction, followed by a yellow energy.

"Urgh, I can't stand her," said Suteko, shaking her head. "She's so annoying."

"Heh. I noticed by the giggling and such," laughed Shizuka. Usa nodded in agreement.

"So anyway, what do we do now? Here we are, in the midle of this rice field, and I left the Crystal Key at home," she asked, desperately.

"I dunno," replied Suteko. "Usually, all I have to do is raise the pen, and I get transported."

"This is my first time, so I have no idea..." murmured Shizuka, almost embarassed.

"I suppose... we have to... er... walk home," decided Usa, rocking on her heels. As if on cue, rain began to pour down. All three girls groaned in unision.

"My mother is just going to kill me," said Suteko. And thus, they miserably treaded back the path that lead to Crystal Tokyo. After all, all roads lead to Crystal Tokyo...

Helios stared coldly at the three girls in front of him. They shivered, mostly out of fear of the Dark One.

"Miserable. Just miserable. You are a disgrace. Pathetic!  With two attacks, the three of you were defeated. And now, they've got these two new girls here... It's all your fault, really," he pointed to ShadowMoon as he said this. "You are supposedly their leader, meaning you lead them into victory!!! Get it?"

ShadowMoon whimpered. "B-but master... the bracelets..."

"No BUTS!!!" he screamed. "There is no excuse. I must start over again. ShadowMoon, from now on you are Sailormoon. You go where she goes, feel what she feels, and see what she sees. And she shall only feel what you feel.

"ShadowMercury, you are now SailorMercury. You go where she goes, feel what she feels, and see what she sees, blah blah blah.

"ShaowMars, you are now Sailormars. You go where she goes, feel what she feels, yammer yammer yammer. Got it? Any questions? Good. Now, go out there, and destroy Sailormoon!"

Usa felt a sudden stinging feeling in her rib-cage. She moaned in pain. The pain became stronger, and she fell to the muddy ground.

"Usa-chan!  Usagi!  Are you alright?" inquired Shizuka, shaking her. Suteko leaned over, and examined her eyelids.

"Fainted," she declared. "We'll have to carry her."

"great, just what I needed," complained Shizuka, and as she picked up Usa, a red beam of light transported all three of them out of there.

They awoke later inside a strange, gothic-style room. The walls towered around them, filled with books. A winding stairwell rose from the center of the room, and a man, in his forties, dressed in a blazer, walked down.

"Welcome," he greeted, "to the Chapelle-de-la-lune."

"Wha...?" groaned Usa, rubbing her head.

"You are at the Chapelle-de-la-lune. Luna's Chapel."

"What in the name of the goddess are you talking about?"

"Certainly, you all know of Luna, Artemis, and Diana. They established this cavern in 1999, when Tsukino Usagi became ruler of the world. Even then she predicted that, although Queen Serenity had brought peace to the galaxy, the universe was still filled with evil, and a new attack would bestow us all.

"I am here to train you. Apart from Usa, you all know little, if not nothing, about your respective planets or battle suits."

"I know what I can do...!" protested Suteko, taking out her pocket edition of SailorMoon and the SailorSenshi, 54th edition.

"Yeah, right. So, then, show me the Harp," demanded the man.

"Um... er... what harp?"

"See? Many things were kept in secret about the senshi, and very few people know about them nowadays. Which is why I msut show you how to be a proper senshi, rather like Luna did to your previous generation. Oh, by the way, I am Apollo, son of Luna, brother of Diana, nice to meet you all." The man threw out a hand, and seeing no one took it, he put it back to his side.

"So... er... what do you say we begin with some... books!" he clapped his hands once, and took out a small blue book, and a red one, very similar. He gve one to Shizuka and one to Suteko. "Go home, and read these. They shall help you. Ah, and... Usa? Take this one," he said, throwing a book entitled The Senshi and their Powers to Usa. Before they could say anything, Apollo jumped up, and fell back down as a grey cat. A few moments later, they all were taken to their bedrooms, where they fell asleep.

And that concludes today's episode of Saaaaaaint... SeraMun!  Apollo? Helios? Has the world gone mad?!?

Okay, then! Episode 5 is ovah thea!