Saint Sailormoon
By Pegasus / Daniel
The Saint Sailormoon Home

Episode 1 - The Power of Chaos! Sailormoon's Power Transfer!

Raindrops gently hit the ground, making a soft, pinging sound. Princess Serenity looked out her bedroom window, into the palace gardens. King Endymion, her father, sat in a cold bench in the center of the garden.

'Why won't he get up and leave?' she thought. "Ara, whatever," she said, dismissing the subject with a wave of her hand. She stood up from her chair, and threw herself on her bed. "Bore, bore, bore...", she complained to herself, making a face at the ceiling. She hugged a pink plush Pegasus, and closed her eyes, wondering what she could do to break the boorish state she found herself in. Seconds later, she opened them and sighed.

Suddenly, Luna-P's eyes began to blink. It stood in a sort of pedestal, as she had never actually used it again, except maybe for silent company. She reached up to the top shelf, and brought it down. It stopped blinking momentarily. "Hello?" she asked, looking at it suspiciously.

"Crck... Chibi Usa, come to the time portal, quick!" said the ball, rather electronically. She recognized it, however, as Puu's voice. Besides, the only ones who still called her Chibi-usa were her and her parents. She dropped the wall, and halfway to the floor, it began to rise above her head, floating beside her as it usually did. Usa (you'll soon see why I call her ths) opened a door in her bedroom, entered it, and pushed a button. Lights around her flashed, and her white gown became liquid, and formed a school uniform, which she wore outside the castle. She left the chamber, and ran down the stairs. Neo Queen Serenity found her.

"Where are you going, Chibi-Usa?" she asked.

"Moo-om..." replied Usako, angry. "I told you a million times not to call me that!"

"Okay, fine, can I call you Usako?"

"No. Cant you just call me Usagi?"

"It's weird for me to call you me, so Usako it is. Your school tutors call you that, dont they?"

"Yeah, but its weird for my mother to call me by my nick name... Oh well. Anyway, I'm going over to visit Puu-chan."

"Great!  Tell her I said hello, ne? Have a good time!" Waved Queen Serenity. Usa sighed. Her mother was still so childish. No matter how wise the Queen was, her mother Usagi still had the heart and soul of a 16 year old. She raised her hands before the large double palace doors, and they opened slowly.

She gasped at the rain that appeared, and rememberes it frustrated. Luna-P hovered in fron of her eyes, as if trying to tell her something. Usa took it, and her eyes brightened. "I wonder if this still works... Luna-P... Magic!" She bounced it a little, and it created a pink and blue umbrella for her. Usa took it, and half-skipped, half-walked happily towards the other end of the garden, her secret corner.

She opened the rusty gates to the garden, and it's beauty amazed her once more. She had only been there during the rain a few times, and it was more beautiful then ever. The rain formed small, glistening puddles on the floor, and gave the flowers a certain shine. She walked towards the greenhouse, where she decided to change.

"Luna-P... Henge!" This time, Luna-P became a raincoat, which Usa put on hurriedly. She felt her skirt pockets for something, and smiled. "Ara." She produced a small key, and ran out of the greenhouse again.

Usa preferred using the Crystal Key outside, because inside it made a mess, what with the wind and all. She followed the small path towards the center of her secret garden, where she found her own little park. Actually, it was more like a small circular floor, with a sun, a star, and over all, a moon, and a white bench. But it was her corner, after all. She raised her hand rather cerimoniously, and slowly opened her mouth. "Crystal Key... Take me to the Time Portal!"

The sky opened in a shower of purple lights, and Usa was sucked into it. She reappered instants later at the Time Gate, rather close to the roof. She turned her head, and noticed she was in mid-air. She instantaneously fell on her butt. Sailorpluto laughed.

"You are almost as much of a clutz as your mother was..." she commented. Usa closed her eyes and smiled.

"Ohayo, Puu-chan!" said Usa joyfully, running to hug her best friend.

"Ara, you've grown so much, Chibi Usa. But I'm afraid I have rather bad news for you and Serenity..."

"Huh? Why, what happened?"

"Actually, what will happen. I know I'm not supposed to interfere with time, but... if I don't, Time itself will cease."

"Spill it out, Pluto!" screamed Usa, between worried and annoyed because of her worry. She had never called Pluto Pluto.

"Well, the forces of Chaos have regroupped*. And, Chaos has found the wandering spirit of Master Pharaoh 90, and has taken it's power."

"In who? Who will be Chaos' host?"

"Oh my... This will be hard. Err... Chaos will posses Priest Helios..." Pluto looked down.


Neo Queen Serenity opened a golden drawer with a silver key. In it, there was a silver box with the words 'Illusion Silver Crystal'** engraved in it's top. Beside it, there was a white, heart-shaped brooche. And beside that, a set of various pens and rods. She took the brooche, and her hands began to glow. The glow slipped from her hands to the brooche, and from it, five other brooches appeared. They were the brooches Sailormoon used to transform, over a thousand years ago. And now, since she did no longer need them, she thought she might as well separate them, to keep as memories... souveniers from the past. She never really opened that drawer, but, in peaceful times, she had a lot of spare time. So she did that, in spite of herself.
"Err.. I'm sorry, I can't control it..." said Pluto, backing away from Usa's pounding fists.

"How could he how could he how could he how could he how could he how could he... HOW COULD HE!!" Usa screamed. She still had very vivid memories of his last visit... They sat alone in her garden, talking, and gazing upon each other's eyes... "How could he let Chaos in him?"

"Umm... May I first say that, number 1, the future is never clear. It has many alternative branches. It's just that this one is the most probable to come true. And number 2, he still didn't allow Chaos inside him."

Usa glared at her. "I will stop Chaos, no matter what! Sayonara, Puu-chan. Domo Arigato. Crystal Key, take me home!"

A sark sillouette hovered in space, alone. Hist thoughts would be clear to anyone close to him, if there were anyone close to him. His dark red eyes had revenge stamped on them. His mouth curled into an evil grin. And only one word one in his mind: REVENGE. Revenge of Chaos, he would destroy Sailormoon and her pathetic Crystal Tokyo. He would crush every single bone in her body, for she had exhiled him. She had exhiled him in the cold, dark, far side of the universe's heart.
Usa landed softly on her mother's huge water-bed, this time. She loved doing that. Queen Serenity quickly dropped the brooches and closed the drawer. "Okaeriinasai, Chibi-Usa!" greeted Usagi (Neo Queen Serenity).

"Ne mom. Where do you keep my henshin locket?" Usa asked quickly.

"Over here, why?" asked Usagi, raising an eyebrow.

"I need it."

"Fisrt, explain why."

A tear formed in Usa's eye. "Ara, mother... It's Helios-san."

"What's wrong with him? Did he suffer an accident?"

"Well... sort of. Mother, do you remember Chaos?"

"I'd much rather forget, Usa... You mean...?"

"Yes. Chaos has re-grouped. And is inside Helios. ...Well, will be according to Puu-chan."

Usagi's eyes darted across the room. "Chibi-Usa-chan... my daughter... I never, never wanted to have to do this. but Chaos may never come to threaten us again... Ara my..." She opened the drawer, and took out her old brooches. She powered them up into the Eternal Locket again, and joint it with Chibimoon's two brooches. They were all one, big brooche, with a heart, and a star in the center. she handid it to Usa silently.

"Mother, what is this?"

"It is the Moon Locket. The ultimate henshin locket. Luna teached me to do this, if anything ever threatened us again. With this, you can transform into any of the Sailormoon versions, except they will be more like your fuku. Try it."

Usa looked at it, then threw it up. It hovered in mid-air for a while, glowing , then fell back to Usa's cupped. hands.

"You have to say something. Ooi, baka shojo," sighed Usagi. She suddenly felt the harsh pain of an extremely blunt object, aka chair, being hit on her head. "Uck..."

"Fine, then," said Usa, releasing the chair. The threw the locket back up, and began: "Moon Crystal Power, Star Make Up!" She felt she had to add 'Star', or it the locked would be confused between Sailorstarchibimoon, or Eternal Sailorchibimoon. She hovered down to earth as Sailorstarchibimoon. "Ai to segi no... Sera fuku bishojo senshi.... Seeraa--... Chibimun!" Usa gigled.

"Ara, by the way, you are now Sailormoon, since I am no longer ion that position," said Usagi, touching Usa's forehead. It glowed, and the small moon in it grew into a larger moon. "All the powers we had together are now yours and yours alone."

"Domo Arigato, Oka... I must leave now... Sayonara," said Usa, and with a flash, she was gone.

* - in the Japanese Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Chaos is the entity that took over Galaxia, and Sailormoon 'defeated' it by sending it back to where it belongs: the hearts of everyone.
* - reference to Janelle-sama's Sailormoon Z, @ the Sailormoon Gateway.

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