Saint Sailormoon
By Pegasus / Daniel
The Saint Sailormoon Home

Episode 2- Chaos Reborn. Enter Sailor Pi and Sailor Alpha!
NOTE: In Episode 1, I failed to mention that I use the Crystal Key as a teleportation method, not only as a time-travel tool.

The church bells rung twice. A dark shadow creeped from its corners, twising and turning, and slowly formed the shape of a man. He took a stap forward into the light, and his face is revealed. He has no face. Two red eyes, perched on an infinite darkness... He entered the church, and followed a man with white hair to his accomodations. The priest entered a room, and closed the door. Darkness swept under it, and materialized in front of the priest.

"Hello, Helios," began the voice. "Remember me?" From the shadows, a mouth materialized, grinning from ear to ear.

"No... It can't be... You can't be!  They destroyed you!" replied Helios, putting his hand in his pocket.

"Not quite. You see, they merely spread me around the universe. And now I'm back."

With that, Helios took out his unicorn 'horn', and set it on his forehead. "What do you want with me?"

"I want your body. And I won't let you escape me by turning into that silly unicorn you always do," snapped Chaos, and in one instant he hovered to Helios, and tugged on his horn. He seeped into Helios' eyes, and they turned red. His mouth curled into a grin, and he replaced the horn on his forehead. Turning into a black unicorn, he flew into the night sky of Elysium.

Usa drifted gently downwards, headed to a large, brilliant church. The sky was dark grey, but, since she had never been to Elysium before, Usa assumed that this was how the strange land usually looked. She was dreadfully wrong. With the disapearance of Priest Helios, who prayed for the well-being of Elysium, the land was slowly decaying (think MKR).

As her feet touched the ground, Usako ran to the church. She threw open the doors with a loud crash. No one was in sight. A single tear streamed down her cheek, and her voice trembled as she asked, almost pleaded: "H-he-helios....". She slowly treaded towards the altar, where the sign of Elysium, and the moon kingdom, were placed. She ran her hands through the altar, her eyes filled with tears.

"H-H-helios... I wasn't able to get here in time..." she murmured, slumped down on her knees, and covered her face with her hands. "I'm sorry..." She threw her arms to the ground, and touched something. "H-h-huh?" she stttered, picking up the object. It was one of the tassles from Helios' uniform. For some reason, this suddenly filled Usa with hope, and she stood up, drying her face.

"Chaos..." she muttered, between clenched teeth. "You will pay for this," she continued, and gripped her Crystal Key. With those last words, she dissappeared.

Sailor Pi (NOTE: Pi, not Phi) and Sailor Alpha stood their usual guard in front of the Mariner Castle. Pi yawned.

"It's rather boring here, don't you agree, Alpha?" she dawled. Her fuku was totally white, contrasting her tanned skin (think Setsuna), which, in turn, contrasted with her white hair (think Storm). She turned to Alpha, as two long ribbons streamed from her back and coiled around her leg. Alpha smiled, forehead glowing. Pi muttered: "You really shouldn't use your telekinetic powers like that..."

"I'm afraid so, darling. I must say, before Princess Mercury put us on guard duty, I had grown rather accustomed to traveling for days, to far away galaxies and planets. The Earth's senshi get all the action. I wish someone would try and invade the castle already, but Oh well.." answered Alpha. Her fuku was entirely blue, contrasting with her pale skin, and that with her blue-green hair. Pi and Alpha looked rather like clones of each other, once skin and hair colors are removed.

"Perhaps someone will..." wondered Pi, yawning once more. She threw back her hair, and leaned on a tree.

"Perhaps..." agreed Alpha. It seemed as though that had caused a reaction on the Mariner Castle. It phased from it's natural aquamarine blue to a dark shade of purple. Out of the main circular window came a booming voice.

"Sailor Pi..." it thundered. Pi looked up,her eyes widening. "Sailor Alpha..." it continued, and Sailor Alpha mimicked Pi's actions. "Welcome to the New Era of Mercury. For I, Helios, have successfully taken over Mariner. And you are now my obedient servants," the voice commanded.

"I don't think so, freak," came Alpha's answer. She began her attack: "Mariner... Storming..."

The voice interrupted her. "How can you attack what you cannot see?" it said, mockingly. Alpha looked dumb-stricken. "But worry not, I shal give you a target," the voice continued, and slowly a dark figure emerged from the window. It was helios, but in a totally negative uniform. where it had been white, it was now black. His hair was a deep greyish black. Alpha smiled.

"Mariner... Storming... Tornado!" A hurricane of blue-green water twisted toward Helios.

"Mariner... Bubbles.... Spray!" came Pi, and Helios was surrounded by white bubbles. Both attacks had hit him at once, and he fell to the ground, limp. Alpha walked to his body and nudged it with her blue boot. Pi did the same.

"I suppose it's safe now," said Alpha.

"Yes. But not very much of a match, I'm afraid," replied Pi, and they both turned back. Instantly, a hand clasped a golden bracelet around each of their wrists.

"What the..." came Alpha's voice, and when they turned again, the hands clasped bracelets on their remaining wrists. They turned to see Helios standing over them, laughing maniacally. Then, they lost consciousness of themselves, turned over to evil.

"You are now Sailor IronPi and Sailor AluminumAlpha," Helios nominated, and laughed hysterically.

The people of Crystal Tokyo, and television stations from around the world were assembled in front of the Crystal Palace. Neo Queen Serenity, ruler of the world, would address them all. A rare event indeed. A dark figure appeared on the doorway, and out of the shadows materialized Queen Serenity. The palace grounds fell silent, as she motioned she was about to speak.

"Good evening, people of the world. I have assembled you all to speak of a very unusual event. One thousand years ago, as most of you probably know, Earth was attacked by the forces of Chaos, who had possesed Galaxia. Anima mates were spread around the world, but Galaxia, and her most dangerous anima mates, remained head-queartered in Tokyo as the Galactica Shadow.

"As Sailormoon, I myself thought I had extinguished the pure form of Chaos, sending he... she... back to the hearts of the universe where it belonged. As I had foreseen, Chaos has assembled itself again," she announced, filled with a mixture of anguish and remorse. There was a gasp from the audience.

"You all know," she continued, "that Chaos only attacks those of weak hearts, at first, to gain strength. So I ask--no, I beg you-- to have faith. For that is the only weapon we have against Chaos. And of utmost importance, you must also know that chaos has assembled into our very own Priest Helios. There is no doubt whatsoSo you musn't--" she was interrupted by a large dark cloud that formed above their heads. Out of it came two dark figures, covered with shadows.

"Greetings, people of Crystal Tokyo. We are here to destroy you. I, Sailor AluminumAlpha, will fulminate you -- and your pathetic little queen -- in the name of Helios!" introduced SailorAluminumAlpha. She threw back her long black hair.

"And I am Sailor IronPi, and together we shall personally see to it that we gather every single star seed in this world," continued Sailor IronPi. She mimicked Alpha's actions. She pointed a long, bony finger at Neo Queen Serenity. "You will be an exceptionally good target for the day. Let us commence the destroying of Earth..." she grinned. "Galactica... Bubbles... Spray!"

"Galactica... Storming... Tornado!" added AluminumAlpha, and both of the attacks were dark blue, and zoomed toward Neo Queen Serenity.

They were, however, interrupted by a murmur, 'Moon Twilight Flash', followed by a crescent beam slicing their attacks in two halves. They both looked up to see a figure with two large pink odango staring down at them.

"You will never hurt my Queen, because, for love and justice, I am the pretty soldier, Sailoooor... Moon!  And in the name of the... er... future (but not so future any more) moon, I will punish you!" she announced, and gasped for air.

"Why you pathetic creature!  Galactica Bubbles... Engage!" chanted Sailor IronPi. She once again threw her deadly black bubbles, this time at SailorMoon, and they formed a long black chain, which wrapped itself around Sailormoon.

"Ugh... You will never succeed..." threatened SailorMoon, weak from the lack of air. Suddenly, a blue tiara cut across the chain, and Sailormoon's body fell to the ground with a loud thump. Both Anima Mates looked up, and saw a young girl with long, flowing blue hair which reached her ankles, dressed in blue. She grinned.

"I am Supa Sera... Macury (SuperSailor Mercury)!! And you will never harm Sailormoon when I'm around!" she announced. She caught the tiara, and replaced it on her forehead. sailormoon looked up, puzzled.

"S-sailormercury? But..."

And that concludes today's episode of Saaaaaaint... SeraMun!  What will happen to SailorMoon?  Who is this mysterious SailorMercury? And finally, what will be of Sailors Pi and Alpha?

Don't wait until tomorrow, run to episode 3!!!