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Episode 3 - The Phoenix rises from the sky! Introducing... Mars and Venus

Sailor AluminumAlpha looked at Sailormercury. She held a blue pen with a sphere on top in her hand. She used it to trace the sign of mercury in front of her. The sign glowed an intense shade of blue, and solidified. Sailormercury had a determined look on her face. She held the sign, and spun once around it.

"Macury... Wavu Shimma (Mercury Waves Shimmer)!" She said, and a large tsunami appeared behind her. The sign filled with a bluw energy, and shot it at Sailor AluminumAlpha. The blast sailed off in the last second, and wrapped itself around Alpha. Alpha squirmed around the tight blast, which became a sort of chain.

"...shi..." whispered Mercury, and the sign of death, Shi, appeared on her index and middle fingers. It raced to Alpha, leaving a blue trail behind it, and lodged itself into Alpha's forehead. It shined blue for an instant, then dissapeared. Mercury let go of Alpha's limp body.

Sailor IronPi screamed. A tear streamed down her cheek, as she said her last goodbye to her friend. "A-al-alpha-kun! Agh! Kuso-! You will pay for this, Sailormercury! GALACTICA BUBBLES SPRAAAAAY!" This time, Pi's attack was three times stronger. It sailed to Sailormercury, but died down before it hit her. Pi fell to her knees, and threw up her hands. Sailormoon looked at Pi's Galactica bracelets. The left one was shattered, for Pi was standing right beside Alpha before her death. Pi whimpered: "I can.. I can't do it... You are the protector of the planet Mercury."

Mercury nodded at Moon, who took the opportunity to heal Pi. "Siruva- Mun Kurysutaru Po-wa... Kiss (SilverMoon Crystal Power Kiss)!" Feathers encircled Pi, and she lay on the ground, back to her normal form. Her other bracelet had been shattered too. The two senshi left Pi alone, sobbing, as she flew back up to the planet Mercury.

Moon and Mercury found themselves standing alone in Usa's secret garden. The moon shone brightly above them. Mercury sat down.

"Who are you?" demanded Sailormoon. "You are certainly not the real Sailormercury, because you have longer hair."

Sailormercury made a cricle around her self with her henshin pen, and she transformed back to her normal street wear. Usa had never seen her before. She had long, light blue hair (Think Umi), that curled at the ends. She was slightly taller than Ami, and had dark purple eyes. "I am Mizunoryu Suteko," she introduced herself, with a very slight bow.

"Well, Suteko how did you get it? I mean, of course, your Mercury powers?" asked Usa, examining her carefully. She wore a brown school uniform.

"I... I don't know. I was just... you know, walking down the street, when suddenly this bright blue blast hit my forehead. I immediately got up, recovering my strength, and had these... these words in my head," Suteko began. "I immediately said them, and I was dragged into this other dimension, with swirling blue colors, and when I came back, I was in that uniform. And the attacks, they were all in my head... very weird, it was like I had gained tons of knowledge with that blast..."

"Um-hum. And... do you know who the Sailor Senshi are?"

Suteko's eyes lit up. "Of course!  They were nine, plus Chibimoon and the Starlights... I know everything. I'm your number one fan... although I did like your old haircut and eye color better..." Now it was Suteko's turn to examine Usa.

"Um... I have to tell you something. I am not the Sailormoon you know," replied ChibiUsa, and her locket wrapped ribbons around her again, de-transforming her. "I am Princess Selenity... but you can call me Usa."

Suteko nodded her head (one of the interesting characteristics of Crystal Tokyo was that the royalty were not feared. They were respected out ofthe fact that they mixed with the 'commoners', by visiting parties, and walking around parks once in a while, which is why Suteko isn't bowing and whatnot). "I also awoke with these in my hands," she produced two small star-shaped compacts. In the middle were thirteen buttons, nine of them with the planetary signs, and the remaining four with unknown signs. She handed one to Usa. "I suppose it is some sort of communicator. Here, have the second one."

Usa took her, and placed it in her pocket. She looked at her watch, and gulped. "Er... sorry, but I gotta go. You know, school," she announced, and took out her Crystal Key, and disappeared. Suteko walked away from the palace, alone.

Usa found herself wearing her tutor school uniform, sitting by Hino Shizuka, her best friend. Yamamoto-sensei entered the room in Crystal Tokyo used as a school for the court, cleared his throat, and sat down. Opening his teacher's book, he announced:

"You will begin doing pages 408 to 413 of your mathematics book. Please keep silent as you do so."

"What a jerk," whispered Usa to Shizuka, who nodded in agreement. Yamamoto-sensei shot them a cold stare. Usa and Shizuka returned to their notebooks silently. Suddenly, Usa spotted a soft light emanating from Shizuka. She looked at her firend, and her eyes opened wide. A long, red beam fell from the sky, hitting Shizuka straight in the forehead. Shizuka froze in pain, and although everyone else was looking at them, it seemed only some girls noticed the red beam. Yamamoto definately did not.

"Will someone escort her to the ground nurse, please?" he asked in a commanding voice. Usa immediately stood up and volunteered.

"I will, sir!" She took Shizuka in her arms, and wrapped her friends arms around her neck, walking out of the room. She closed the door behind her. As soon as she felt the room was silent again, she lay her friend on the floor, and shook her shoulders.

"Shizuka!  Shizuka!  Wake up!"

"Wha...? Make Up?" answered Shizuka, and suddenly stood up, a determined look in her eyes. "Ma-zu Kurysutaru Powa, Maiku Apu (Mars Crystal Power, Make Up)!"

She raised her hand, twisted it, and her henshin stick appeared (Think the anime's 'STAR' henshin sequences). Her body slowly dissapeared from this dimension, into the Mars Dimension, where her henshin sequence took place. She returned, fully transformed into Star Sailormars.

"Sailormoon, henshin yo!" pointed Sailormars.

Usa nodded. "Siruza Mu-n, Kurysutaru Powa, Maiiiku Apu (Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up)!"

"Come on, let's go!" Shizu... ahem... Sailormars took Us.. ahem... Sailormoon's hand, and ran toward the door. Somehow, they dissapeared.

They reappeared in a deserted field, the wind blowing their hair over their faces. The sky was clear, and everything seemed peaceful.

"Mars, why on Earth did you take us to the Gohan fields?" asked Moon.

"Wait. You'll see." replied Mars. She was right, in a sence. The sky filled with dark clouds, and thunder clapped down, destroying a nearby tree. Rain poured down on them.

"Aww, Mars..." whined Moon, feeling her wet uniform, plastered with mud. "I wonder if this is washable? I swer by the Go--"

Moon was interrupted by another thunder clap. This time, it brought forth three senshi. They were dressed in dark versions of the senshi's uniforms. Were Mar's uniform was white, for example, their uniform was black.

"Who are you?" demanded Sailormoon, taking her introduction stance. The three figures remained silent.

"Tell us!" screamed Sailormars, pointing at them. All three figures took a step forward, revealing their faces. Moon gasped. They looked escatly like her, Shizuka, and Suteko.

"Shadowwwwww.... Staaaaaaar.... Sailoooor...Mercury!" began one.

"Shadowwwwww.... Staaaaaaar.... Sailoooor...Mars!" continued the other.

"Shadowwwwww.... Staaaaaaar.... Sailoooor...Moon!" finished the last. As soon as she ended, Helios appeared behind them.

"Hahahahaha... meet my three sweeties, Moon..." he said, laughing.

"What happened to your pathetic Metallic Knights?" demanded Moon once more.

"Oh, Those? They're too weak for this new generation. As I have grown stronger over the years, so must my anima mates, eh? So these're the new 'uns. Have a good time now!" he said, and dissappeared, laughing.

"Oh, fine then, Erios... I will beat them... in the name of the moon! Siruva Muun... Kurysutaru Powa... Kisu (Silver Moon, Crystal Power Kiss)!" the red beam flew past the Shadow Sailors harmlessly.

"Mazu... Fenikusu Suturaiku (Mars Phoenix Strike)!" said Mars, forming a bird with her hands. Out of them sprung a Fire Phoenix, which flew ahead of her, striking the three senshi on their abdomen. Their faces took a strange blackish property.

"You will pay for this!" threatened Shadow Star Sailormars. "Shadow Galactica Fire... Star!" A star formed against her forehead, gleaming with blackish flames. She pointed at Mars, and it zoomed toward her.

"Macury... Aqua... Rapusodee (Mercury Aqua Rhapsody)!"

The star was drowned out by a blue wave, and Sailormerucyr stepped from the shadows. "I am SailorMercury! and in the name of the planet of water, douse yourself in water and repent!" said Mercury. Usa smiled.

"Shadow Galactica Water... Star!"
"Shadow Galactica Moon... Star!"
"Shadow Galactica Fire... Star!"

One star hit Sailormoon, and closed around her. The second hit Mars, and did the same. The third and last caught Mercury. The stars squeezed around them, emptying their lungs of air.

"Ungh..." squirmed Moon, wheezing. "Good... goodbye, Shizuka... Su... Suteko..."

"No... ah..." replied Mars. "You must keep on having faith..."

"Wait... look." said Mercury. They did. Up on a tree was a girl, wearing a sailor fuku. Beside her was another girl, exactly like her, but wearing a different uniform. The later jumped down, striking ShadowMoon, and the first mimicked her, but aiming at ShadowMars.

"V-chaaaan... Shiki Momidashi... Dobou-V, Chop (V-chan, Shiki Momidashi, Double V Chop)!" they screamed together, hitting their targets fully on the face. The second girl let out a karate cry and a giggle. Moon and Mars' stars disappeared.

"Roringu Haato Vaiburation (Rolling Heart Vibration)!" cried the first one, and a rolling heart spun around, and hit ShadowMercury. Mercury's star disappeared, too.

Sailormoon stood up.

"I guess this is time for explanations again..." she sighed.

And that concludes today's episode of Saaaaaaint... SeraMun!  Mysterious new senshi in the next episode!  Don't Wait!

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